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Living in Auckland, New Zealand, it is tempting to take life for granted. I can turn on a tap and drinkable water comes out. I can walk out the front door of our sturdy, water-tight home, breathe in the (relatively) clean air and walk down the road with shoes on my feet. I can use the sight I have been given to observe the intensity and intricacy of our world. I am truly blessed.

I wish to regularly remind myself of the million and one blessings in my life, so I keep my eyes open and I learn to observe. I try to appreciate beauty through my own eyes and through the eyes of other creative people. This blog is my way of recording and sharing these observations.

I have been creating, crafting and artistic all my life. After spending over 20 years in the design world it has been a joy to merge my love of design and encouraging others into various creative projects.

From June 2010 to September 2011 I concentrated on my Canvassing My Friends project (out of which this blog site was born). From January 2014 my focus has been on a completely different, industry-related, project – AM-Insider.

So, who is Sarah Ritchie? A designer, writer, entrepreneur and artist, and someone who is constantly intrigued…and amazed…and inspired.

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Finalist, Estuary Art Awards 2011
Exhibitor, The Original Art Sale 2011


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Please do not use copies of my original artwork for profit, however you are welcome to share my artwork images as much as you like!

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