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03/02/2014 by Sarah Ritchie

The following is a blog post that I wrote for the Design Assembly website, 27 January 2014.

Inspired by nature

Meet my new baby bunny, 6 week old “Honey”. She is a mini-lop rabbit with the cutest ears, the softest fur and the sweetest smell.

One of her many attractions is her ”broken black” colouring. As I was cradling Honey, I became fascinated with her markings – the way that her black fur melds into the white, and the patterns that her patches create.

As designers we are often on the hunt for inspiration – either for a specific project, or to recharge our regularly depleted creative-tanks. One of the best sources of inspiration is right under our nose (or feet), and all around us –nature.

From nature you can glean interesting colour palettes (in a flower, a sunset, or a foggy morning); patterns (lines on your cat, or the markings inside a cut ponga log); shapes (silhouettes of trees or a bowl of berries). Sometimes you may have to peer quite closely; and other times your inspiration will be splashed across the sky.

The trick is, you need to take the time to stop and look around you… and up… and close to the ground. If you become someone who observes the natural world, then you will be rewarded with the richest of inspiration.

Here are some helpful websites to help you in your creative journey:


COLOUR PALETTES : colour palettes from nature and photographs. : create and share colours, palettes and patterns.

Nature’s most exquisite colour palettes revealed.



National Geographic provides a series of amazing “Patterns In Nature” photographic collections.

How to create a repeat pattern tile using an image from nature.

Fractals found in nature.

Patterns in nature (an extensive overview, courtesy of Wikipedia).



25 examples of perfect geometry found in nature.

15 examples of the Golden Ratio in nature.


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