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06/01/2014 by Sarah Ritchie


As I was on my morning walk I decided to take a shortcut across the playing field. Whenever I do that, my shoes inevitably get wet and I end up sloshing my way home.

This time I mused on why it was that my shoes get wet? I realised that I have never given enough thought (or kudos) to “dew”.

In Israel (where we lived for a time) dew is just as important as rain. Israel is – essentially – a desert nation; there is no rainfall at all between June and September. During those dry months, the dew provides just enough to moisture to keep their grazing livestock sustained with morsels of grass, and keep their crops alive. Dew is so vital, that if there are many nights without dew it constitutes a “drought”.

To the ancient people of Israel, who were so dependent on their crops for survival, dew was a nightly reminder of God’s constant care and provision.

Here in New Zealand we are blessed with bountiful rainfall. In my adult life I can only remember one summer (in the mid-90s) when Auckland water reservoir levels were so low that radio DJs encouraged us to “save water, shower with a friend“.

Our rainfall is plentiful enough that the “benefits of dew” is not a conversation topic at the typical New Zealand dinner table. I have noticed, however, that there are no water sprinklers applied to our local playing fields in the scorching heat of summer. The dew must be – in part – to thank for the famous luscious green of our New Zealand grass!

Dew is also a good reminder (if we take time to look down and consider our wet shoes and socks) of God’s daily sustenance and love.


Proverbs 19:12 (The Bible): “The king’s wrath is like the roaring of a lion, But his favour is like dew on the grass.”



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