how to change a life, or two…


02/11/2013 by Sarah Ritchie

When you give out to others, who benefits the most – the recipient, or the giver?

This is an inspirational story about the Olivet Eagles, an American middle school football team who decided to create a special life-moment for one of their intellectually disabled team mates (Keith Orr). I bet they didn’t realise that more than just one life would be profoundly changed as a result.

Keep watching the video until 2:30. That’s when wide receiver, Justice Miller, shares his thoughts about how the team’s gesture affected him personally.

…[Keith’s] never been cool or popular. He went from being pretty much a nobody, to making everyone’s day.

Justice openly admits that he wouldn’t have thought of coming up with the idea to help Keith get a touchdown.

I kind of went from being somebody [who] mostly cared about myself and my friends to caring about everyone and trying to make everyone’s day and everyone’s life,” Justice said.

Justice Miller Olivet Eagles

Be inspired by these pre-teens! Opportunities to change lives are all around us, every day. In affecting change in others, we inevitably become changed ourselves. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Remember that it’s of no matter if you don’t possess money or influence – you have your words, skills, time and your two hands. The challenge is to do something with what you have right now. Go for it!


2 thoughts on “how to change a life, or two…

  1. Brian Hamilton says:

    Watching young Justice Miller’s awe inspired sense of self-worth happen in front of the camera was illuminating and exciting. While he admitted the plan did not originate with him, I could tell by his tears that he was as moved as the young man who scored the touchdown. He recognized the moment for what it was; a chance to make a genuine difference in another’s life, something most of us rarely get. I’m elated he siezed and appreciated the spirit of that moment.

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