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15/09/2013 by Sarah Ritchie

Delight the senses

As I was out on my morning walk a familiar sound stopped me in my tracks. In a neighbouring garden there was a large kowhai tree, standing resplendent in its cloak of “dripping gold” flowers.

There, in the midst of the yellow mass was a speck of black. Sure enough, it was a native New Zealand tui bird, devouring the nectar of the kowhai. I heard its delightful morning chorus long before I saw it. The distinctive call of the tui has been ingrained in my soul since I was a child.

I began to think of other sights and sounds that affect me in a similar, profound, way – triggering a level of delight unlike any other. Here is the list I came up with. What would your list look like?

  • SIGHT: the first glimpse of countryside after leaving the city.
  • SMELL: sweet cut grass on a summer’s day.
  • SOUND: the song of the tui.
  • TOUCH: the softness of cat fur.
  • TASTE: a draft of aged port.
(Hear the tui, sound clip courtesy of the New Zealand Department of Conservation).

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