finding your passion: carve it in stone…

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10/09/2013 by Sarah Ritchie

One Direction carving

On my morning walk I chanced upon two words (and copious love hearts) carved in the footpath: “One Directin” (sic); carved, no doubt, as permanent evidence of the carver’s undying passion.

Whether you are a 12 year old pubescent or a 50 year old CEO, “passion” keeps our life interesting. It’s what lights our fire and keeps us moving forward. It can help give our life motivation and colour, and – if we constructively channel our passion – it will help bring a deeper sense of meaning to our lives and to those around us.

Some folks are fortunate to know exactly what their passion is, whilst some of us struggle desperately to discover it. Do not despair, there are a number of things you can do to find your passion!

Think about what you love to do. Some good indicators of your passion are:

  • the image on your PC wallpaper
  • the photo on your work desk
  • the subject of a song or poem you have written
  • the topic you stayed up discussing until late at night
  • the topic that makes you righteously angry
  • the news stories that make you cry
  • the dream that you once abandoned
  • the project you always wanted to start but fears or circumstances held you back

If you are passionate about something:

  • you can’t hide it
  • you don’t want to hide it
  • you’ll want to talk about it, share it, promote it

Still nothing? Maybe you simply haven’t stumbled upon your passion yet.
Try these ideas on for size:

  • select five new things to try (e.g. travel to a foreign country; volunteer in your community; take up a new hobby; go for a run; attend a classical music recital; read some books; take a dance class; join a sports team; go birdwatching; try some home DIY; go bungy jumping). Put a timeline in place along with an action plan to make sure you carry them out.
  • do new things that take you out of your normal routine and comfort zone.
  • meet new people. Often it is the people we meet, rather than the things we do, that can inspire passion.

(Even if you try new things and still feel uninspired the benefits of the journey will never be wasted.)

Once you identify your passion, it’s time to put the passion into action. You could:

  • turn your passion into cash with a business endeavour (part-time or full time).
  • donate your time and enthusiasm to a non-profit organisation.
  • teach others what you know and love.
  • join a club with other like-minded enthusiasts.
  • start a blog and share your thoughts.
  • record some “how to” videos for YouTube.
  • combine your passions (e.g. a love of painting and writing could lead to publishing a book on art).

Be determined to pursue your passion, no matter what. Don’t let any excuse, fear or naysayer stop you from sharing your passion and enthusiasm with those around you.

Remember, it’s never too late to find your passion, carve it in stone, and enrich your life!


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