Mark Gee: looking twice…


19/05/2013 by Sarah Ritchie

MarkG Wellington Time Lapse

In an age of political correctness it is acceptable for me to declare that I don’t much like Wellington, our nation’s captial city? I lived there for four years, so at least my dislike is grounded in a modicum of personal experience.

Being used to the rolling expanse and colour of Auckland, returning to Wellington feels somewhat claustrophobic – with its ring of brown, scrubby hills and same-same 1950s houses. Granted, a crisp, clear, sunny day in Wellington can be quite lovely, until one blast of the all-to-present icy wind – that whips off the Kaikoura Ranges – blows any previous sympathetic thoughts from my mind.

Isn’t it refreshing, then, when the actions or words of someone else cause you to think differently about something; challenge your perceptions; make you reconsider what you held in your head to be an undeniable reality?

Mark Gee is a Wellington-based freelance photographer and visual effects artist. Mark specialises in astrophotography, and produces some quite stunning images.

Last week (16 May) Mark posted a new photo (above) to his Facebook page. I received the photo within one day of his post, as it was virally shared from newsfeed to newsfeed. I can see why the photo was resonating around the Facebook-sphere. It certainly touched something in me. Made me feel a twinge of guilt, actually.

Whenever someone mentions “Wellington” to me, my immediate thoughts are not usually complimentary. Seeing this image helped me to see some beauty in what my memory assures me is particularly un-beautiful.

Isn’t that how we should be – open to challenge our perceptions by seeing life through another’s eyes (or lens)? Isn’t that what “art” does? Art doesn’t always have to push boundaries, or tell stories. Art can just be an interpretation of life. Appreciation of art can be simply looking at life through another’s eyes.

I want to thank Mark Gee for creating – for me – a new, alternative, image of Wellington; one where a blazing Milky Way crowns an attractive harbour. One where a thriving city of lights conquers those brown, scrubby hills.


4 thoughts on “Mark Gee: looking twice…

  1. Sometimes you just need a different perspective on an old sight to gain a new love for it. I know I get tired of my town, but when I see it in a new light I find my sense of pride again.

  2. markgphoto says:

    Wow that’s lovely Sarah – so glad my image shed a new ray of light on Wellington for you!

    • Your style and compositions are so wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with us! I think it is just marvelous that, via Facebook and your website, and the nature of virality, that your work can become well-known and appreciated in a way it could not even 5 years ago. Please keep on doing what you are doing…it’s magical!

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