embracing the sun…

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05/05/2013 by Sarah Ritchie


Foggy May morning. Sunrise. You have approximately 5 minutes to watch the sun climb into the sky before its brightness becomes overwhelming. What do you do?

Me? I stopped.

I needed to be somewhere else, but It’s not every day that you can look squarely into the sun without going blind. For the personal investment of a mere few minutes I was treated to a glorious display of nature.

I was struck by the sense of seeing something rare, and beautiful, and wonderful, and I was glad I stopped. The act of stopping didn’t profoundly affect my day, but it added a thread to the rich tapestry of life. It gave me a 5 minute education into the grandeur of the thing that gives our planet light and warmth, and it added a momentary pause into the pace of life.

I hope you, too, can seize moments like these. But – beware – these gifts come with a pricetag: your time, attention and appreciation. Without this investment the gift given is wasted.


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