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23/11/2012 by Sarah Ritchie

Do you ever wish you could be like Kobe Bryant? Would you like to be adored worldwide, possess finely honed skills and a multi-million dollar bank account?

Take heart friends…even Kobe Bryant wasn’t always “Kobe Bryant”. In the beginning, young Kobe picked up a ball, held its weight in his hands, bounced it a few times and decided he liked it. He threw the ball around with some friends, improving his skills and having fun. Then Kobe joined his high school basketball team, and played b-ball…a lot…and figured out he was rather good at it. With determination he became better and better, until he was picked in the NBA Draft of 1996. That’s a lot of years that he has dedicated to becoming the “Kobe Bryant” (the man, the brand and phenomenon) that the world knows and idolises today.

Have you got what it takes to be like Kobe Bryant? You may not be a 6’6″, slam-dunking powerhouse, but – even so – to realise all you could be still starts the same way – with a single step. A single bounce of the ball. Developing. Honing. Practising. Failing at times. Never giving up. Practising some more.

In following your dreams you may not end up rich and famous like Kobe Bryant, but I’d be willing to bet that you will feel rich on the inside, and you never know just when your dogged determination may pay off. Keep going and don’t give up. If Kobe can do it there’s every possibility that you can too!


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