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16/11/2012 by Sarah Ritchie

Marilyn Monroe by Resene

For Auckland Art Week 2012, Resene paid tribute to Andy Warhol in a Lictenstein-esque artwork made entirely from paint test pots!

Marilyn Monroe’s iconic image sprung to life via 3,944 pots in four Resene colours covering a 4m x 4m area. The pots were painted and then glued or screwed to 8 panels for ease of transport and assembly, and took three weeks to make.

The work looked great from a distance, but was most interesting up close where the “dot pattern” could be best observed.

The piece was a thoughtful reflection on the use of paint itself as the work of art, and the way in which some artists use test pots of paint to create their art. It was also a very effective advertisement for Resene paints. Good thinking Resene!


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