the beauty of an onion…


06/03/2012 by Sarah Ritchie

spring onion flower

Did you know there is beauty in an onion? If you plant some onions (or spring onions) and then wait. And wait. And wait. You wait until the plant is fully grown, through it’s productive and “useful” season. Then you wait some more…past the time when sensible society suggests uprooting the plant to make way for something new.

You keep waiting because you know there is something good around the corner, even though the rest of the world can’t yet see it. Then, suddenly, it blooms…one by one the tiny flowers appear.

Who knew something so stunningly beautiful could emerge out of a stinky, old, has-been onion plant…given time? God did.

Bit like us really.

This post is part of Sarah’s “The Beauty Of…” series.
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One thought on “the beauty of an onion…

  1. Karen says:

    Onions and leeks do have such beautiful blossoms.

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