Canvassing My Friends calls it a day


17/09/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Hello to all my Facebook (and Canvassing My Friends) Friends! As you know, I have been journeying through the Canvassing My Friends ( project since June 2010. The aim was to paint my way through my list of Facebook Friends, using each person as the inspiration for one painting. Once completed, I uploaded the painting to the blog site, gave the painting to my inspiree and continued on to the next canvas.

The project was designed to achieve many things: overcome a fear of what others would think; over come a fear of failure; actually use my painting skills, develop them, and share them with others and to (hopefully) give a small blessing to another person in the process.

The concept was a good one, and has – in general – achieved what it set out to accomplish. When I started, I had 50 Facebook Friends. Rather quickly the figure shot up to around 80, and the process has since become untenable for me. After 15 months, and at my current workrate, the project would still have another 3+ years to run, which is silly. I have had to stop accepting new Facebook Friends because of this project, which has been an unfortunate and unforeseen byproduct.

I felt that – out of a sense of integrity – I had to complete the project. However, out of a sense of self-preservation and realism, hopefully now, it is of equal integrity to say “I need to re-adjust what I’m doing and I hope you understand“.

I managed to finish 18 canvasses, which – for me – was a huge achievement. I will not stop painting. I will continue to publish my blog (though the title and focus may change). I will continue to paint for others (so you still may receive a painting from me one day!), and I will continue to publish my paintings to the blog site (as my way of staying accountable).

Thank you for being part of my journey. The journey doesn’t end here, only a chapter closes. Another chapter is on its way!


4 thoughts on “Canvassing My Friends calls it a day

  1. Lynnette says:

    Sarah, thank you for sharing 🙂 Your open and heart felt honest approach to this project, has no doubt inspired many, as it has inspired us. Your painting for us is a treasured addition to our wall space, and so a huge thanks from us for sharing your journey. L&P xxx

  2. Thanks for your comment Lynn. You have been a real support to me throughout…awesome!

  3. leonabriggs says:

    Sometimes God calls us to do something for a season. You have given Him your best! Thanks for sharing your talent with the “blogosphere”!

  4. I agree. I just wished this season had been longer…BUT, I feel a sense of freedom to do other things, which is liberating. I can definitely see another door has opened when the CMF door shut. I do hope you are keeping well Leona. I will keep the blog going for the time being, so this won’t be the last you hear from me!

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