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26/08/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Scrapmetal business exterior

I work in a particularly industrial part of Auckland. On one of the main arterial roads there are a handful of scrap metal businesses. I don’t know if someone decided there was safety in numbers, but there they are. You can take your pick of a supplier without needing to travel very far.

For those of us who make our purchasing decisions based on the external image that a business presents, our mission to select a scrap metal dealer would probably stop at McCamish Metals. Why? They look like they know what they are doing. Why? The exterior of their building looks amazing…especially when compared with the dirty buildings surrounding them, with faded signs projecting an “I don’t really care, I’m just a scrap metal dealer” attitude. It’s a no-brainer choice (and one can only hope their internal service matches their external appearance!).

Let’s look at how McCamish Metals visually sets themselves apart from the norm:

  • Colour palette: big tick to the blue and green. No only do the colours work, they are also a pleasantly unexpected combination for their industry.
  • Signage size: When I would normally expect to see one little sign, lazily flapping in the wind at the roadside announcing the scrapmetal business inside, this company shouts its services from ground to rooftop. They have maximised the front of their building for all the signage space it offers, and have covered the area with colour and huge, solidly-designed graphics. You can’t miss the effect and the message.
  • Branding every available surface: Even the large roller doors, when they are down after hours, are in on the act. The doors are covered in solid colour – blues and greens – adding to the overall marketing impact.
  • Thinking above and beyond: check out the planter boxes at the sidewalk edge! Seriously, what other scrap metal dealer would think of having planter boxes outside their business? Not only are there plants in the boxes, but even the type of plant has been carefully chosen to become an intentional, well thought out component of this design combination. Another impressive point of difference!
  • Website: The McCamish Metals website is not nearly as impressive…but, hey, at least they have one and it is not totally hideous!

What can we learn from McCamish Metals?

  • It is worth the added time and money to present the best possible image for the biggest possible cut-through.
  • It is worth employing a designer to do a design job.
  • Big and (tastefully) bold wins out over small and grungy.
  • Surprise your customers with something extra…something unexpected…something they will remark about.
  • When everybody else is going one way (because they always have), swimming in the opposite direction may just turn the tide in your favour.

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