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04/08/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

A.k.a “knowing your audience”.

For some artists their audience is themselves. Easy. Psychographics…no problem. For myself, I also have an audience of one, but my audience is the person who inspired the painting. I paint about that person and for that person, and so I need to know as much as I can about my inspiree to ensure that the painting hits the mark.

For some artists their viewer’s psychographic profile is more like “cat lover” or “post modern aficionado” and so the artist would be wise to tailor their work to that category to ensure wide appreciation and – hopefully – a sale!

Without knowing how your target audience thinks and what they like, you may as well be shooting in the dark with your artwork. Sure the ideal is that you paint what YOU like, and what YOU are good at, but the reality is that you need to paint for others to be commercially-viable. If money is not a motivating factor with your work, then you can afford to paint for yourself (lucky you!). Otherwise it pays to figure out what your buyer’s lounge room wall might look like BEFORE you start!


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