Eileen Sorg: coloured pencil made good…

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01/08/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Eileen Sorg Genealogy and Brooding

Eileen Sorg: “Genealogy” (left) and “Brooding” (right)

If you were to ask me to guess at the medium that Eileen Sorg works in, I would never have said “coloured pencil”…would you?

OK, not strictly colour pencil. Sorg works with a mixed media style, using pen, ink and watercolour to support the colour pencil, to create richly detailed pieces of art. This eclectic combination of mediums allows for a quick build up of colour and value, and then allows the beautiful detail and control of the coloured pencil to shine through. However she produces it, the results are stunning (and I don’t usually like Realism at all!).

Hailing from Washington, USA, Eileen Sorg does – indeed – work in the genre of “Realism”, but occasionally it’s Realism with a twist. Some of her work displays an added dose of whimsy, giving her work a slightly fantastical edge.

Here is what Eileen says:

I have chosen realism as the manner in which to express my interpretations of the world around me. Realism is not duplication; it is a process that involves intense study and understanding of a subject, a strong sense of value and color, and the mastery of a given medium. Within this realism, I experiment with color by making choices that might not be expected for use in rendering certain subjects. In this way I keep things fresh and interesting both for the viewer and myself.

I would love to know the size of image that Eileen works with. I am guessing that level of detail – and working with coloured pencil – you would render the image at a fairly small size. Not having attempted any of Eileen’s chosen mediums myself, I can only sit back and drink in the amazing work that she produces. Take a look at the sumptuous offering here.


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