Sandy Noble: the wow is in the printing…


05/07/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Sandy Noble Polargraph

Here’s an interesting example of when the “wow” factor lies in the printing or output technique of the work, rather than the artistic merit (or high conceptualisation) of the image itself.

Sandy Noble has created a “Polargraph” plotter machine, which is – essentially – a marker pen, attached to a string, moved by small motors (sounds simple…but it really isn’t). The IP (“intellectual property”…an artist’s “moneymaker”) of Sandy’s work is in the machine itself…and I bet he’s is not giving those specs away in a hurry! The technique is not exactly new, however Sandy has put his own spin on the concept and his resulting exhibition proves that art lovers are embracing the work.

Here are some images of Sandy’s work, and here is a timecapture video of the polargraph in action (it takes hours to complete one picture). I just have to ask…what happens when the permanent marker runs out?! If I leave the cap off my Sharpie it is dry in minutes! Must all be part of that secret IP…


2 thoughts on “Sandy Noble: the wow is in the printing…

  1. Sandy Noble says:

    Thank you for the generous mention Sarah, but there’s really no secret sauce – it really is as simple as it sounds! Of course there is a little devil in the detail, and that’s a mixture of code tweaks and plain engineering – but even when it doesn’t work how I planned, it still has a characteristic effect that has some beauty to it. Lots of people ask about how come the pen doesn’t run out .. just keep it moving, it’ll stay wet for ages. And always use a fresh pen for a long draw, and keep your fingers crossed 🙂

  2. Voila! That’s it! Just shows I don’t keep my Sharpie moving enough! Well done, Sandy, on capturing wonderment in your work! I wish you all the best.

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