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04/07/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Up until our latest house move Simon and I have cultivated a successful little vege garden. Often we would grow the plants from seed, watching the seeds sprout, grow strong and tall and then harvest the fruits of our labour. Occasionally we would let the plants “go to seed” so we could gather in the seed and start all over again.

Often I would get frustrated when some of my seeds failed to germinate. Not being born with a green thumb, my attempts were rather hit and miss for the most part. Only recently did I read more about seed germination. Not only did a little gardening light go on in my head, I saw what a great parallel seed germination has to life.

For example, some seeds require specialised “pre-conditioning” before they will germinate. Some examples include:
•    Alternate freezing and thawing may be required to break down and crack hard seed shells.
•    A dormant period of “rest” may be required by some seeds.
•    Some seeds must be “singed” by the heat of forest fires before they are able to germinate.
•    Some seeds must be passed through the intestinal tract of turkeys before they are able to germinate.

OK…now try substituting the word “seed” for “people” in the passage above (and – for the last example – replace the word “turkeys” with “life”). Cool huh?!

Next time you are going through a time of intense heat/pressure, extreme highs and lows or feel like you are passing through the intestinal tract of a turkey, remember that – with the right attitude – you will germinate and grow through the experience and eventually grow into a strong, healthy, fruit-bearing individual!


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