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16/06/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Total lunar eclipse

Have you ever felt that rush of excitement when you see something really special? Early this morning I was able to witness the first stages of a total lunar eclipse.

The eclipse started around 6am just as I set out for my morning walk with our dog. The neighbourhood was quiet and I realised that most people would be either still asleep, or simply unaware of the eclipse. That gave me an unusual feeling, to think that I was one of the fortunate few to witness this celestial marvel.

We have had a run of overcast, rainy days, yet this morning the sky was clear and the moon so very big and bright. I watched until around half the moon was covered, then the moon started to slip behind the horizon and the sun began to rise, and then it was gone! Just like that.

My thoughts whilst moon-gazing:

  • Keep your ears open: I learned there was going to be an eclipse this morning…Be ready for the moment.
  • Keep your mind open: Some might think watching a lunar eclipse to be tedious and a waste of time. Some might think it a rare, amazing and wondrous thing…Is your thinking blocking the possibilities?
  • Keep moving: I didn’t know the exact time of the eclipse, so from the moment I woke up at 5am I kept walking to the window to see if there was any development. I eventually I saw a tinge of black starting to creep across the face of the moon…Persistence pays off.
  • Keep your heart open: During the first hour of watching, I couldn’t see any change…Don’t give up.
  • Keep your eyes open: Don’t be caught sleeping, or you’ll miss it!


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