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08/06/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Street art

There is something about the allure of street art that I cannot quite put my finger on. Maybe it is the illicit or “unsanctioned” nature of the artwork which makes folks sit up and take notice. It could be the humour and clever thinking that often accompanies the work. Perhaps it is simply because that type of art is just plain quirky.

I am not refering here to graffiti/tagging (unauthorised or otherwise), but rather to artworks that spring up in the most unexpected of places, carrying the most unexpected of themes. Think Banksy. Think Jef Aérosol. Here is a website [click] which has pulled together 59 examples of very, very talent-filled and/or clever street art.

Thanks (or no thanks) to the anonymous nature of street art we might never know the artists behind the work, and some of the offerings will end up painted over by local Coucils and building owners. Oh well. At least we have the photos to remind us of the art that sprung up in the night…or early hours of the morning…when no one was watching…or CCTV cameras operating…


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