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30/05/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

One of the best ways that I have discovered to acquire fresh inspiration is to talk with people. This might be with another artist, but doesn’t have to be. Often I’ll find a nugget of inspiration gleaming in a conversation about something totally unrelated to the project at hand.

This type of inspiration-sourcing is not the same as brainstorming, where you deliberately (and with focus) toss around ideas with someone else, rather it appears more organically and certainly isn’t forced.

Sometimes I will hear a little pearl of wisdom, or a phrase, or a concept that I can use. Often the inspiration is drawn from the encouragement a conversation can provide, and sometimes it is the person themselves who becomes the inspiration. I can usually expect ideas for both blog posts and paintings will come to me with greater frequency after I have been talking with others. The trick is to become a good listener in order to maximise the value in each conversation!

This post is part of Sarah’s “Finding the Inspiration” series.
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