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28/05/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

New Sealord Logo

Despite my background as a graphic designer, seldom would any logo inspire me to wax lyrical, until now.

Sealord is a New Zealand/Japanese-owned fisheries business. The company launched its new logo this week, and I have to say that I am VERY impressed. Let’s put potential printing issues aside for the moment and simply drink in the beauty…yes, beauty…of the design.

Firstly, the monumental improvement in the logo is a revolution, rather than an evolution. The new logo has transformed the image of Sealord from a fish business to a modern, progressive, sophisticated brand. The design has been intricately thought through and the colours are good enough to eat (which is fortunate for a food company). The paua shell pattern in the background sets off the rest of the colour palette beautifully.

If you read the feedback on the logo it seems that folks either love it or really hate it (though I can’t see why). Still, that is the essence of art…be it graphic art or fine art. At least if it polarises people they will talk about the brand, which equals success for Sealord either way! What do you think about the new design?

Here is a bit of background about the logo design from a Design Daily article:

Maori artist Derek Lardelli developed ideas from the feedback and responded with some visual briefs, which were then opened up to further feedback, including that from Sealord chief executive Graham Stuart. The whole process took over a year, and Sealord says the end result is much more than just a new logo. 

“Sealord’s people have spent time developing our story—we have a proud history and we’ve been able to capture this and have a common understanding of yesterday, today and tomorrow,” says Stuart. 

“Sealord’s new corporate identity reflects our values and our responsibility to the ocean that is so integral to our success.”

Although Sealord is a 50/50 venture between Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd and Japanese fishing company Nissui, the new logo is 100 percent Kiwi in its look, something Sealord communications manager Alison Sykora says is intentional. 

“The intent is to reflect New Zealand as we are predominantly a New Zealand company.”


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