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19/05/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

All good designs should begin with research. Usually the research (or inspiration gathering) is sourced from either the same or a related industry. For example, if you were about to create a magazine ad for a cat food product, you would start by looking at other cat food advertising, and maybe dog/rabbit/chicken food advertising. Not many people would think of gathering their cat food design inspiration from the travel industry or the fashion industry, but why not?!

Gathering ideas from an unrelated industry can often inject a freshness into a category that has become stale. When all your competitors are doing it one way it makes sense to try something new. Perhaps it might be a marketing technique that is inspired by a different industry; or, it could be a graphic image treatment, or a photographic style typical to another industry.

In painting it could be injecting an abstract technique into a minimalistic composition; or repurposing a substrate used in the building or car industry as the base for your fine art.

If you are looking for some new inspiration to shake up the old ways, then looking left and right (instead of looking behind) could be the way to go!

This post is part of Sarah’s “Finding the Inspiration” series. Click here for more inspired ideas!


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