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12/05/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

vinyl handbag

It’s sad to think that the company that produced a bag as cool as this has stopped making them! This womanly-sized bag’s exterior is covered with brightly coloured strips of vinyl, woven like a basket. I would say it was the colour palette that struck me first, then the weave pattern, vinyl texture and the shine of the vinyl surface.

This piece of coolness belongs to one of my students. I saw her bag in class and remarked on how remarkable it was. Quick-as-a-flash she whips out a promo postcard for the store where she bought the bag. Apparently so many people had asked her where she got the bag from that the store gave her the cards to give out. Smart idea! No website listed though…that’s a bit of a “fail” in this day and age (though it is a country store, so we will let them off).

Oh, in case you were wondering (and IF you can get your hands on one of them), the bags can be bought from Canvas Cafe, 143 Bombay Road, Bombay, Auckland (New Zealand). If you are an Aucklander, that means driving the farthest South you can possibly go before falling off the map into the Waikato.


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