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10/05/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Made-to-order necklaceSo excited! Just when I discover made-to-order clothes (a.k.a. making them yourself), I discover made-to-order jewellery (a.k.a. making it yourself)!

I went shopping – on the weekend – for a bright necklace to go with my newly-made clothes. Plenty of necklaces around, but either none that appealed or none that my wallet would have approved of. Disappointment set in until I reminded myself that I had done a fair bit of beading in the past (when we lived overseas), and could do so again if I felt sufficiently motivated. I also did a quick mental check that making the jewellery myself would be 1) cheaper, 2) the exact colour, 3) the perfect size, and 4) did I mention cheaper?

With the quip “I always save my husband money, I never miss a bargain” floating in my head I was off to the nearest beading shop (The Bead Hold, Auckland). What an Aladdin’s Cave of wonder that place is! Such a dazzling display of colour, glass, plastic, stones, vintage buttons and findings. I could have happily lost myself in there for an age, but a short lunch break hastened my selection. Whizzing around the store I settled on the beads that most transfixed my eyes, quickly made a colour/size match with some smaller beads and voila! Less than half an hour assembling my masterpiece at home and it was finished.

I just LOVE this concept of being able to build one-of-a-kind outfits and jewellery to suit the wearer. All you need is a little know-how, a little motivation and a LOT of patience!


One thought on “made to order…

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