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06/05/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Do you want Sarah’s tip on how to make friends and lend a hand at the same time? Buy an umbrella.

Auckland is notorious for its changeable weather. We are situated on an isthmus of land where “four seasons in one day” is often the norm (especially in spring and autumn). You learn pretty quickly when to start carrying an umbrella with you.

My latest social discovery is that: 1) not everyone remembers to carry an umbrella; and 2) folks are VERY grateful if you can help to protect them from getting wet. So I have started to look for opportunities to share my umbrella with others.

OK, so this is not a formula to establish lasting friendships (though you never know, you may just see that person again), but at least it’s an opportunity to help a bedraggled person, create an opening for easy conversation and bring a smile to their day.

What simple action could you do to help and/or impact others?


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