sewing (how quaint)…


01/05/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

I spied a lovely top in the window of a local, upmarket, shop. The garment was a simple, long, vest-like overtop which tied at the waist. I asked the price. NZ$280. I stood there, aghast, thinking “I could make that”. Then I thought, more resolutely, “I COULD make that”. Only one small problem kept tapping me on the shoulder…I hadn’t sewed a garment in about 20 years. Still, when the desire to possess something outweighs the ability to pay for it, people have been known to do crazy things.

Determined to prove my creative prowess, I rocked on down to a fabric store, bought a pattern, selected my fabric and tried to summon up the necessary courage (and “how to” memories) to complete the task. I dusted off my old, faithful sewing machine (for, every girl has to have a sewing machine, even if it is seldom used), and gathered together all the components ready to create my masterpiece!

For a bit of time investment (and NZ$47 for the fabric and cotton) I should end up with a really good looking, practical, winter jacket…in my preferred style, colour and fabric type. The only thing better than that would be if someone offered to sew the garment for me!

All you sewers are probably laughing at me, but for someone who’s mother was a grand seamstress (whilst I stuck to my knitting…literally), the feeling of being able to do something so primal (such as sewing my own clothes) is a huge creative triumph! Perhaps we can call sewing (in its basic form) “domestic art”?!

Be encouraged! If you don’t have the funds to buy something, could you learn to make it for cheaper? By taking up a new hobby could you satisfy your own needs/wants PLUS use it to bless others? Would taking up a new hobby/skill get you out and about among people…give you some company…help you meet new friends? Give it a go, you might surprise yourself!


4 thoughts on “sewing (how quaint)…

  1. Leona Briggs says:

    When my children were little, I made a lot of their clothes and some of mine. I haven’t sewn for years (other than repair work)! I always enjoyed it, but I wanted to finish whatever I was working on in one sitting–I disliked leaving something undone.

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    I know that feeling Leona. I love knitting, but it takes so LONG! These days I am more likely to knit baby booties than a jumper because it is finished more quickly!

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