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24/04/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Seth Godin: “In fact, you CAN make a difference, you can start something from scratch, you can build something without authority or permission. Passionate people on a mission can make change happen.

We live in a regulated world, built on a system of laws and ordinances, systems and structures. We are taught, from a young age, to abide by those laws and systems and all will be well…and it usually is. But, what happens when the essence of a structured, regulated system starts to regulate us on the INSIDE, as well as the outside?

Have you found that you have wanted to start something new – perhaps a business or a charity or an initiative – only to come up against red tape that the world might put in your way…or that YOU might put in your way? Perhaps your idea falls just outside of the “accepted” way of doing things?

Perhaps you are an artist hasn’t been “formally trained”, who doesn’t have connections in the art gallery scene and who doesn’t rub shoulders with other artists, benefactors and influencers. Is that putting you off launching your art career?

How often do we allow nameless, faceless, entity-less figures to control our future through a fear of what MIGHT happen, or what MIGHT block us. You may as well concede defeat before you start!

Assuming your dream/goal is lawful, honourable and positive, you should go for it! Listen to advice (sifting out the good advisors from the detracters) find the courage required and stir that fire that is growing inside! Your efforts will warm yourself and you will warm others…so go on and get those coals glowing!


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