Seung Yul Oh: yep…they are really large eggs…


20/04/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Eggs sculptures Newmarket Auckland

3 of 9 egg sculptures by Seung Yul Oh (Newmarket, Auckland, 2010)

Like sweets on the cake icing of an Auckland shopping precinct renovation, nine egg-shaped sidewalk sculptures were proudly installed in 2010, costing the local business association NZD$70,000.

The finished look of the upgraded streets is rather modern and “monotone”. These colourful eggs certainly stand out as unexpected, contrasting, visible, fun and…slightly odd.

In the words of the artist, Seung Yul Oh, the work is “…designed to challenge the public’s imagination and people can make of it whatever they like.

Indeed! I am guessing we shall all do exactly that.


One thought on “Seung Yul Oh: yep…they are really large eggs…

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