Edgar Müller: street art to challenge your senses…

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18/04/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

street art

Left: street art, Auckland, NZ; Right: "The Crevasse" by Edgar Müller (2008)

Ephemeral. Now, there’s an unusual English word for you. It means “lasting a very short time”. On one of my morning walks I came across this strapping example of New Zealand street art (above left). After covering a good 5 or 6 metres of sidewalk, the artist(s) must have felt a sense of achievement sharing their skills with our neighbourhood. I took the photo with my cellphone (not very good quality), and by the time I went back with my “proper” camera, the rain had washed all this artwork away. Ephemeral.

There are many incredible street artists sharing their temporary works with the world. Like our local young artist(s), many of these artisans, such as Tracy Lee Stum, Kurt Wenner and Julian Beever all use chalk as their sidewalk medium. One artist, Edgar Müller also uses acrylic paint to create more permanent sidewalk imagery.

Edgar Müller uses an “anamorphic” technique to create 3D street art. When viewed from just the right spot, these images take on amazing depth and realism. “The Crevasse” (above) is 250 square metres in size, took Müller and up to five assistants five full days to complete. You can check out how this artwork was created in the video below!


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