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13/04/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Palette Knives

It’s official. I dislike painting with a paintbrush. There, I have said it.

I knew the feeling of paintbush-dislike was growing when I painted Wild at Heart, and has only accelerated during the development of Getting Your Ducks in a Row.

One of my main gripes has to do with the acrylic paint drying so quickly on the brush tips that they only seem to last for one painting before they are ruined. I am using a paint retarder and keep the brushes in water when I am not using them, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I tried buying more expensive brushes, thinking my el-cheapos were the cause, but it doesn’t seem to be. Does anyone have any words of wisdom here? My bank account would be VERY grateful for some advice!

Most of my Canvassing My Friends paintings, thus far, have been painted (for the greater part) with a palette knife (for example: Canvas #10: Grace to You, and Peace). I started with two entry-level plastic knives and have used them ever since (even when the handles fell off). Just this last week (inspired by watching Leonid Afremov painting with a palette knife…watch his video demonstration here) I purchased my first “real” palette knives (!).

I’ll be honest…I look at Getting Your Ducks in a Row and I really don’t like the result at all. The painting has been specifically created for The Original Art Sale coming up in May, but the style is really not “me”.

Painting this myriad of ducks has motivated me to try the next canvas with a style that I feel more comfortable with. The palette knife allows me to revel in colour that inspires, to apply it thickly and to move the paint like I was icing a cake. I have a couple of ideas floating in my head, so stay tuned. I’ll be back to painting like myself in no time!


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