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31/03/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Guerilla knitting montage

Just when I was comfortable with the concept of “guerilla marketing”, I have now been introduced to “guerilla gardening” and “guerilla knitting”!

Guerilla tactics, be they for a marketing campaign or otherwise, are intentionally unexpected and unconventional, often giving a surprise or “wow factor” that makes the undertaking memorable and helps the idea/product/campaign to spread.

Guerilla gardening GuerrillaGardening.org explains their mission as follows: “This blog began…as a record of my illicit cultivation around London…in the war against neglect and scarcity of public space as a place to grow things…“. In a layman’s nutshell, guerilla gardening is when a person (or people) decide to organically-beautify a piece of public land without the owner’s permission. Naughty…and nice…and naughty.

Guerilla knitting follows along the same lines…though slightly more radical, colourful and wool-full, and definitely not organic! Check out the swag of photos on this blog from Deputy Dog…who calls it “the world’s most inoffensive graffiti“. Knowing full well how long it takes to knit even the smallest item, I am really impressed with the amount of time that these projects would have taken, the skill to make the patterns and the boldness/audacity/brass to get their art out into the public space!


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