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21/03/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Pink Moon Dead Sea Israel Sarah Ritchie

Pink moon over the Dead Sea (Israel, 2006)

I have seen a yellow (harvest) moon, a red (lunar eclipse) moon and a pink moon. Blue moon next, perhaps?

In October 2006 we were gathered on the shore of the Dead Sea (Israel) for the opening night of the ICEJ Feast of the Tabernacles conference.

It was a balmy night. The air was fresh and still. As the event got underway, up rose – over the Jordanian hills in front of us – a full moon. A pink full moon. Considering the special occasion, the timing of this amazing, unusual sight seemed like a gift straight from God.

The more boring, earthly explanation was that the pink colour resulted from a sand storm in Jordan. I prefer the more “Heavenly” alternative! As my mother used to say: “There are no “co-incidences”, only “God-incidences“”. And, as Jane Fonda has said: “Coincidences are God manifesting“. Whichever way it was a beautiful, awesome sight!


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