when the snorer snores…

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20/03/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Rule #1: If you are sitting next to a snorer on the train, it is VITAL that you stay awake the entire journey, lest watchers think it is you who is snoring.

Let’s just say that many eyes turned in my direction that day, and the train was too packed to shift seats!

Do you find that being around certain people (such as friends or work colleagues or train snorers) can affect your reputation, even though the comparison – or guilt by association – may be totally unjustified?

The good thing is that we all have choices. We can choose to whether to remain in any situation where our reputation is compromised, or remove ourselves lest we be tarnished with a brush we didn’t deserve. The older I get the more I realise how important personal integrity and reputation is. It will follow you to places, and future times, that you may not expect. Have you ever tried Googling your name? Remember, the internet never forgets…!

Sometimes it is not so easy to make the decision to remove ourselves from a dodgy situation…especially if it is a friendship, or a relationship. It might take a truck load of courage, but your present and future self will appreciate the decision!



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