finding the inspiration: mind mapping


14/03/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Mind map for Canvas 1 The Delicate Heart Sarah Ritchie

Mind map for Canvas #1: The Delicate Heart

Hands up who find its difficult to come up with new ideas?

Whether you’re a wordsmith, artist, designer, teacher, event planner or desperate parent, creativity and ideas-on-demand can often be in short supply.

I’m starting a little blog sub-series, which we can call “Finding the Inspiration“, to help fill your creativity toolbox with useful tools. Let’s start with the wonderful, webby world of mind mapping.

Mind mapping has been a creative buzzword for the last few decades. Great for corporate and creative brainstorming alike, it appeases the visual learners among us and creates a solid platform to help further develop our ideas.

The mind map creates a diagram around a central key word or idea. After starting with your core concept (or word) you are then granted full permission to go off on a rabbit trail of word-based ideas.

First off, choose your key word and write it in the centre of your page, nice and large. Then, choose words that you associate with that core concept/word. Following that, choose words that you associate with the second tier words, and so on, and so on until you run out of space!

From there you can look at the plethora of words to see if any of them jump out at you, or spark some creative energy.

The process can help you to think laterally, think outside the box, or discover words/concepts/ideas that were not otherwise apparent when you were deep in your mental block.

Thesaurus mind map Dictionary.comEven uses mind mapping to visually illustrate their Thesaurus results.

When you experience your next creative block, just grab a pen, pick a word and see where it will lead!

This post is part of Sarah’s “Finding the Inspiration” series.
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One thought on “finding the inspiration: mind mapping

  1. […] you’ve mastered the mind map (or at least have a list of key words written down), you can try matrixing to come up with your […]

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