the beauty of long eyelashes…


13/03/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

cow eyelashes

Wait on. Maybe I should be more specific. I mean “the beauty of long eyelashes…on a cow“.

Oh yes. It’s true. A cow’s face is so soft and gentle, and those amazing, large, brown eyes are framed by eyelashes so long and adorable they should make any Revlon model (or Colin Farrell) envious.

If the only time you have ever looked closely at cow eyes was on a dissection tray (in the school science lab) then take another look…at the living version.

For all you “townies” out there, I’ve included a photo so you can get up close and personal without having to dodge the cow pats.


2 thoughts on “the beauty of long eyelashes…

  1. leonabriggs says:

    Seeing a face like that I could almost go back to be a vegetarian!

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    They are so delightful! One day, when I have my dream lifestyle block in the country, I will have a pet cow…and chickens, and goat. Ah, such would be the life!

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