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27/02/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

confidence poster Sarah Ritchie

Standing in my local vehicle testing station, I spied a poster on the wall in the driver licensing section. It read “Confidence can take you places“.

It was, obviously, intended as a pun to bolster young drivers before they take their test, but I got to thinking about the statement.

Last year, I had a girl in my class who had a good design-head on her shoulders. She was methodical, fairly accurate, creative, and could think outside the box. The one thing that this student struggled with was a low level of confidence.

It’s not to say that you will be left out in the cold if your confidence is weak (this particular girl was the first of our graduates to get a job!). However, there is a certain essence that a confident person will emit that can help to propel them forward and upward.

Confidence in yourself is a sign of strength (bearing in mind that I am not talking, here, about an “inflated” confidence!). It is also a sign that you back your own decisions and that others could be inspired to back you too.

Confidence can convince others to believe in what you are doing / saying / presenting / selling. It might be that essential ingredient to clinch the deal, win the pitch, convince the wavering to donate something, or even to encourage a friendship.

As confidence will take the learner driver to new places, so will it take us to new levels of achievement…that is, if we first find  it, then embrace it, then release it without fear.


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