when God paints…


25/02/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

A friend emailed me this recently. I do not know who wrote it. or compiled the images, but it is verse worth sharing. Titled: “When God Paints“.

When God Paints 1

When God paints
He uses red and orange
Bold and full of passion
Like the fiery power of His love for us

When God Paints 2

When God paints
He uses the yellow of the sun
Full of illuminating warmth
To comfort us all throughout our days

When God Paints 3

When God paints
He uses shades of purple
To remind us of the royal majesty
Of His blessings all around us

When God Paints 4

When God paints
He uses unspoiled whites
Full of all the purity and hope
Of the Heavens where He reigns

When God Paints 5

When God paints
He uses gentle greens
Sprouting though all of Nature
As His love and grace grows each day

When God Paints 6

When God paints
He uses oceans of blues
Like the rainy tears in the sky
Letting us know He feels our every pain

When God Paints 7

When God paints
He brings all the colors together
Showing us the intricate depth
Of this glorious realm He’s created for us

When God Paints 8

When God paints
He doesn’t skimp on colors
He uses all that he can
He invented each and every one, after all!



4 thoughts on “when God paints…

  1. leonabriggs says:

    LOVE these images! God could have just created a place for us to live that would sustain our lives. Instead He created a place that would not only sustain us physically, but is beautiful to behold. Creation speaks (loudly) of His majesty!

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    …and just think what Heaven will be like…!

  3. leonabriggs says:

    I’m dancing just thinking about it!

  4. Patti says:

    You said it! If this is what a sin-tainted world looks like…we have no way of conceiving what we’ll see!

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