youthful ambition…


21/02/2011 by Sarah Ritchie


Sarah Ritchie painting 30 Aug 1988

Untitled watercolour on paper, Sarah Ritchie, 1988 (aged 15 years old)

Recently I happened upon my old high school English journals. The first entry, from 1988, was titled “Ambitions“. I was interested to know what dreams I dreamed at 15 years old, and where I envisaged my future at that time. This was the journal entry:

“Earlier this year I attended an art course at the Whitecliffe Art School in Grafton. The buildings of the school are described as “Neo-Gothic”. I would describe them as having a sense of creativity and – to me – a sense of friendship and promise. The whole atmosphere bred the desire to learn and the feeling of belonging to somewhere, in a place which I was most comfortable.

I love art, and want to make it my ambition to carry on my future in the creative arts field. It’s my aim to be the best in whatever field I step into.

…The fees for Whiteclife are very high, and – as yet – I cannot foresee myself going there for that reason. But we all must have dreams and goals or else there’s no point in living.”

Though I did not walk the tertiary halls of Whitecliffe Art School, I DID reach the essence of my goal (a career in graphic design) and the heart of the goal…be it in a roundabout way…20 years later.

The revelation I had, after reading my teenage thoughts, is that I haven’t changed all that much! I still hold very similar interests, social burdens and opinions. I had the same love of art and design then as I do now, I just wasn’t sure how to direct the interests which lay inside.

How much have you changed (or not) since your high school years?!


3 thoughts on “youthful ambition…

  1. Leona Briggs says:

    Wow! You painted this picture when you were 15!!! Incredible!
    When I was 15 I was as wild as a March hare!

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    I am working on a reunion facebook site for my year level at high school. It has been fantastic to see photos of classmates as we all were. We look so YOUNG (yet felt so grown up)! It’s also been funny to see other wild March hares and how they are all changed and grown up now.

  3. leonabriggs says:


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