but, what can I do?…


19/02/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Often (OK, very often) I write about getting out there and DOING something to help others. However, the mere thought of starting can prove daunting. What? And, where?

A useful place to start is to ask Mr Google. Just by typing in “volunteer work”+”[your town]” you should see numerous options appear.

Even within organisations there are often a variety of things you could do. For instance, World Vision has a great section on their website covering ideas on how you can help [click here].

It’s really quite easy. I would say that most not-for-profits would be extremely grateful for volunteers. Just pick something you care about (e.g. animals, children, the elderly, the environment, the impoverished), figure out the time or resources you could give and start making phone calls!

New challenges, rewards, opportunities and friends (not to mention the truckload of warm fuzzies) could be a simple phone call away!


3 thoughts on “but, what can I do?…

  1. leonabriggs says:

    Good ideas and good posts!
    How did the show go? Did you get any feedback?

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    Not much feedback actually. Just on the opening night, talking with friends (who are not going to critique to my face). Si was up front with me, and we both agreed my piece was not strong compared to other ones. It was placed in the far back corner of the gallery too…not exactly an “auspicious” position!

    It was really interesting to see how all the artists had interpreted the brief…VERY wide-ranging mediums, ideas, substrates, 2D/3D, large/small. I particularly enjoyed that aspect…to see the interpretation.

    As for the judges’ determination of the overall winner and the 2 x highly commended awards…well, we all know judging art is subjective. I certainly agree with their choice of winner…very unusual and bang on the brief. For the other two – however – I cannot see that they fulfiled the brief AT ALL…of, if so, in the most oblique way possible. It makes me think if I decided to enter next year, would I be so concerned about sticking to the brief? Hard to say after seeing the results this year. Next year, though, there will be a new judging panel. Any which way I would start a whole lot earlier to take the pressure off!

    I am glad the evening is over. The exhibition finishes on 10 March. We shall see if the piece sells. If it doesn’t, there is another exhibition I can put it into in May.

    S 🙂

  3. leonabriggs says:

    I like that you are already thinking of next year!

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