the metaller lawn-bowlers…


10/02/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

I so, so wish that I had taken a photograph of the scene. Picture this…

Simon and I were walking past a traditional lawn bowls club in a respectable part of Auckland. My attention turned to the club after hearing strains of rock music coming from the clubrooms.

There, reclining outside the clubrooms, was a group of 30yr-40yr old-ish people, drinking and talking rather loudly. In of itself, not remarkable for any sports club.

More remarkable was the smaller group of men who were playing lawn bowls. Same age as the revelers, same beer (plus the odd cigarette). Serious game going on. It was the long hair and the death-metal t-shirts that topped it for me!

Not that I am advocating the heavy metal culture in any way, but I LOVE it when I see stereotypes turned on their heads and traditions being challenged. Remember – fellow human – that you are an individual…not a slave to society! And, why don’t you try a game of bowls while you are at it?


2 thoughts on “the metaller lawn-bowlers…

  1. Simon Jones says:

    death metal bowls – that’s hilarious Sarah. You should see some of the sights at the Tenerife Green Bowls club where I am in Golf del Sur, Tenerife. It’s not so much the playing crowd that’s diffferent, it’s the normal bowls crowd, except that they all turn into complete party animals in the evenings. Must be the sun!

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    Maybe they all just come along to the club to party and use bowling as their excuse?! Wow…Tenerife…very nice!

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