15 ways my life is different from a year ago…

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08/02/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Here’s my list. Why don’t you give it a go? It might be a good litmus test of moving forward vs stagnation!

  1. I live in a different part of town (nicer, safer, quieter)…9th house in 9 years!
  2. I’m freestyling through the blogosphere.
  3. I started painting again.
  4. I joined Facebook (some would say that was a backward step…time will tell!)
  5. I started tweeting (ditto comment for point #4!)
  6. I converse warmly with people overseas whom I have never met in person.
  7. I’ve reconnected with old school friends, thanks to social networking.
  8. I fell in love with the library and audiobooks.
  9. I caught my first fish (and ate it).
  10. I had my tonsils removed (a lifelong ambition fulfilled).
  11. I learned I shouldn’t eat grapes.
  12. I started riding the train to work.
  13. I discovered that it IS possible to buy a Ralph Lauren skirt for less than NZ$30!
  14. After the purchase in #13 I learned that wearing a skirt can be enjoyable.
  15. I learned – through doing – that life is more about what you put into it than what you get out of it.

I’d love to read YOUR list!


The idea for this list was inspired by the blog of artist Melissa Moss (Asheville, North Carolina), as seen in the Aug/Sep/Oct 2010 issue of Artful Blogging (p.59).


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