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04/02/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

This week I rode the train with a boy (of around 12 years old) and his mother. It was gleefully obvious that it was his first day at a new school. The telltale signs were:

  • a pristine, new, school bag
  • clean, new uniform and pressed shirt
  • straight, perfectly-knotted tie
  • cricket bat with no grass stains
  • instructions on how to ride the train pouring forth
  • an innocent, wide-eyed expression of excitement and uncertainty

I am astounded when I think of all the things a human has to learn in the course of his/her life. Things like how to:

  • cross a road
  • buy something
  • cook a meal
  • tie shoelaces
  • drive a car
  • pick a life partner

In Simon’s education career he often used the term “life-long learner”. I like that. From learning to walk to learning to use a walker, we never stop learning. We can resist learning (or be indifferent to it) or we can actively embrace it.

You never know, learning that one new thing may just open up a door of latent potential in your life. Go on…be a life-long learner!


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