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31/01/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

I once questioned a goofy action of my friend, Caleb Fidecaro, to which he replied: “You have to do these things so there is something interesting for the first 30 minutes of the movie about your life.

If, one day, that movie was made, what would it say about you?

  • how your turned your life around?
  • how you beat the odds?
  • how you inspired others (your family / friends / neighbours / sports team / workplace)?
  • how you gave of your time / money / resources to better the lives of others?
  • how you invented something great / amazing / life changing?
  • how – through your job – you affected people?
  • how you took a stand for social injustice / the underdog / the environment / animal rights?
  • how you went out of your way to make a difference?

Even if they don’t make a movie of your life, what will people say at your funeral? It’s the same thing really. Same story about the same person. Would you like people to say you were merely a “nice person”, or would you like them to say “you made a difference”?

Its’ your choice.


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