who (not what) you are is important…


26/01/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Hollywood…and don’t allow Hollywood to convince you otherwise!

Colin Firth recently starred in the movie The King’s Speech. In an interview he remarked: “The attention we get (as actors) is completely disproportionate to our importance. We’re not getting attention because we are important, we’re getting attention because what we happen to do is widely broadcast.

Tom Hooper – director of The King’s Speech – agreed, saying: “People who save lives should be at the top of the hierarchy – doctors, surgeons and nurses…(But) there isn’t a business to be built out of directing adulation towards doctors and surgeons.

We need to be aware of how the media (magazines, newspapers, movies, tv, advertising) works and how it seeks to form and shape society, attitudes and opinions. It exists – not only to “inform”, but to manipulate our perception about issues and even about how we perceive ourselves – all for financial, political or power gain. Every broadcast, article and movie has an editor and company owners with an agenda.

Our challenge is to not be taken along for the ride, but to stay grounded in the truth.

God made you as a truly unique and loved individual. He loves your hair colour, your body shape and your face, just the way it is! So, you’re not famous? Remember that fame can be a shallow illusion perpetuated by the media, and which is – in reality – one person exploiting another for their own gain. As Colin Firth said, “[they] (actors) are not getting attention because [they] are important“. Straight from a Hollywood insider’s mouth.

Once you see the media for what it is, it SHOULD become easier to sit back, relax, put life into perspective, and be content with who you are.


One thought on “who (not what) you are is important…

  1. leonabriggs says:

    I would add teachers to Mr. Hooper’s list. Those individuals who help to mold and encourage our youth!

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