the beauty of ballet…


24/01/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

ballet dancerLet me start by saying that ballet is one dance form that I just don’t “get”, and probably never shall. However, there is no denying that womankind (and some mankind) is enraptured with this artform.

Whilst I see deformed feet, repetitive choreography and embarrassingly-skintight outfits, others see grace, entertainment and mesmerising beauty. Thankfully diversity is a good thing in this world.

When I was young, the only dance lessons commonly on offer were ballet, tap and jazz (and maybe ballroom or highland dancing if you REALLY wanted to seek them out). I was a tap girl myself, but only for about two lessons, then it got too hard and I quit (!).

I can imagine that little girls are coaxed into ballet classes by the beautiful tutus, satin slippers and the chance to run around looking like a princess.

Adults prize the skill, discipline, flexability and poise. And, let’s face it, the only physiques that make it to the top level are petite, toned, beautiful girls and muscular, strapping men. It’s no wonder that the bodies, staging, costumes and music make for an enticing package.

Although not my cup of tea, I can appreciate the adoration heaped upon the artform that is ballet.

Tu-tu for now, ballet-lovers!


2 thoughts on “the beauty of ballet…

  1. leonabriggs says:

    The fancy tutus and the pink slippers were definitely the draw for me (long, long ago!) Unfortunately, I was not graceful then and I am not graceful now. But, oh how I wanted to be! 🙂

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    So true, isn’t it? The qualities that one associates with ballet are really rather rare (especially these days)…”grace”, “poise”, “elegance”. I wonder if it was women’s liberation that sounded the death knell?! I am sure the decades up to that time were far more “graceful” in general.

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