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22/01/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

  1. A smile will cost you nothing and could change another person’s day.
  2. It take more muscles to frown than to smile, and – apparently – we “get the face we deserve“.
  3. To put some cheer in your work day, surround yourself with things that make you smile (a photo, card, saying, flowers, cartoon, etc).
  4. Whether you prefer the Mona Lisa or the Cheshire Cat, there is a smile to suit everyone and any occasion. Try one on for size.
  5. If you don’t smile because you’re embarrassed about your teeth, can you afford to do something about it? It would probably make a huge difference to how you view both yourself and others.
  6. A smile can change someone else’s opinion about you in an instant.
  7. A smile can ‘break the ice’.
  8. A smile can open doors.
  9. A smile can help forge friendships and close business deals.
  10. A smile can thaw a cold heart.

A smile is a gift we give to someone else. Be a gift-giver today!


A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.” (Proverbs 17:22, The Bible)


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