a real blessing (Estuary Artworks competition update)…


21/01/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

We experienced a real blessing yesterday (two blessings actually). Simon and I decided to change the proportion of the concept design (from a standard shaped canvas to tall and skinny), and went to buy a new canvas.

The competition regulations state that the maximum length – on any side – is to be no more than 1.5m. The canvas we wanted was 1.52 (20mm over!). I rang the gallery and was told they are strict on the 1.5m rule (to preserve the competition’s integrity). The next size down was 1.22m (too small). What to do?!

First blessing: The store said they would sell us two canvases for the price of one, as they had a 50% off sale starting in two days. Perfect! That meant we had a free back-up in case our plan didn’t pan out.

Second blessing: We skipped across the parking lot and asked a chap – at a local timber merchant store – to help us to peel back the canvas and cut the frame down (carefully). He did a magnificent job – which took quite a while – and didn’t charge us a cent! So, so awesome!

The frame that we cut down is a standard sized frame. Hopefully no one else had the idea to cut the frame to size…which means I just MIGHT have the only painting that size and shape in the competition. Anything is good for a visual advantage!


2 thoughts on “a real blessing (Estuary Artworks competition update)…

  1. leonabriggs says:

    Am praying for your competition!

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    Thanks Leona! I will just be ecstatic if I can finish it in time and it looks half-decent (and that I am not too sleep-deprived)!

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