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12/01/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Waiatarua Reserve AucklandWaiatarua Reserve is a lovely park located in suburban Auckland (New Zealand).

Formerly a disused swamp, the Council reclaimed the land, converting it into a bird sanctuary, an “off-leash” dog park and a circuit of well-planned walking tracks.

As we walked our two dogs around the park, the sizzling heat motivated us to seek out the short cuts. It was soon apparent that we were not the first ones with this idea.

Well-trodden tracks had been cut into the park by folks (and their canines) who had decided their way was better/easier/quicker/more logical than the paths created by the men in suits at the Auckland City Council.

It was a picture of democracy in action…the paths of the people. The expression to “vote with your feet” seemed quite apropos in this instance.

So often we feel obliged (for whatever reason) to stick to the tracks supplied…the tried and true…the acceptable…the expected. Think what could happen if you started to forge your own path. Perhaps that is one way to “make a difference”…start thinking outside the box. Start to challenge the status quo. Think differently and – more importantly – start walking on your new path…moving forward with purpose and determination.


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