badge of honour…


08/01/2011 by Sarah Ritchie

Little Women movie posterDoes anyone know an easy, non-toxic way of getting acrylic paint off hands?


Little Women (1994)

Friedrich Bhaer: You know, when first I saw you I thought “ah, she is a writer”.

Jo: What made you think so?

[Friedrich indicates her inky fingers]


Like Jo Marsh (in the 1994 movie adaptation of “Little Women”), sometimes I feel I wear the badge of my craft on my hands. I have been known to turn up at work with paint spattered hands…which I am oddly proud of, in a “I’ve been painting and I can prove it” kind of way. However, the problem is that I – honestly – can’t get the paint off my hands!

Does anyone have a handy remedy that doesn’t involve using an abrasive cloth?!!!


3 thoughts on “badge of honour…

  1. marthajoymitchell says:

    Hi, Sarah. When I paint I use vinyl gloves but I still managed to get some paint on my elbows or even feet???? This post made we chuckle.

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    …my poor dog cops the paint as well (cat too when one day he jumped in the middle of my mixing palette!) When you think that paint…though not life-threatening (that we know of), is not exactly a “natural” product, wearing the gloves is a very sensible thing to do. I just might give that a go! Thanks Martha.

  3. […] little while back I sent out a plea for advice on how to get acrylic paint off my hands (see Badge of Honour). Well, I have found a GREAT little bar of soap that is working a […]

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