how many verbs were there in 2010?

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31/12/2010 by Sarah Ritchie

Happy last day of 2010 to you! How was your year? How will you make sure next year is better than this year?

After starting Canvassing My Friends (in June) things started to change. Not only was I painting again, but I began to write (blog) and I began to think in a way that I had not experienced before.

A good deal of my observational thinking centred around how it was possible to “MAKE a difference” or to “BE remarkable”. When I realised that the phrases are comprised of VERBS (doing/action words) I also realised that the onus comes back onto us to DO something EXTRA (sounds simple, doesn’t it?!).

It’s very easy to just “do” life: get up, eat, go to work, come back home, eat, maybe have some family time or watch tv, go to sleep, next day get on the hampster wheel and do it all again. Then – in the weekend – you might go fishing (or shopping, or to a cafe) to break up the routine. Sound familiar? Think of what could happen if you changed that routine…ramped it up…did something different…thought outwardly instead of inwardly. Think of the lives you could influence and – possibly – change. That is the start of “being remarkable” and “making a difference”. Step #1 is making a decision to do something. Step #2 is doing it.

So…how was your year? How will you make sure next year is better than this year (for you…your family…and others)?


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